Les histoires d’en dessous, Undertale

”Long time ago, two races ruled over the Earth: the Humans and the Monsters.

One day, a war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They imprisoned the monsters under a mountain with a magic spell.

Many years later…legends say that those who will climb the mountain will never return.”


This is the introduction of Undertale created by Toby Fox. It’s a role-play game.The Players control a human child who has climbed the mountain and fallen into the Underground, a large, secluded region underneath the surface of the Earth, separated by a magic barrier. The human interacts with many monsters while on a quest to return to the surface.

When players encounter enemies, they enter in a battle mode. During battles, players control a small red heart which represents their soul, and must avoid attacks. The player can fight, act or mercy the monster.Undertale_Combat_Example


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