On s’appelle RAHIL, Zameer et Shaiam. RAHIL et Zameer ont quinze ans et Shaiam a seize ans. Nous habitons à Manchester. Nous aimons jouer au jeux. Nous sommes tres heureux de vous voir… au revoir!



Salut! On a fait des petits groupes de 2 ou 3 personnes pour apprendre se connaitre un peu!

On va mettre les messages ici dès que possible…




We would like to visit Manchester to meet you and to discover Manchester. Léa would like to visit the Manchester United Stadium, because she’s fan of football. Hugo enjouys English culture and me, I would like to see differences between English and French lifestyles.

See you soon. Salut 😀




Denis from Congo

Denis is one of us he came from congo and he is 15 years old.he left his country because there was a conflit he came by plane;he mises his house and his freinds but he does not want to go back to congo.In france,he likes the school,and the different cultures who live together and he hates the cold and the winter



We are looking foward to coming to Manchester. We want to come to your city to discover more about your culture and your history. We want to go shopping too! 🙂

We hope you’ll come soon in Revin. Revin is a little town where there are around 7.000 inhabitants. We are looking for cool activities for you when you’ll come.

See you soon

Kimberley L, Théa R, Dorian A.L, Nicolas C

We learned this morning about the Manchester terrorist attack . We are sorry for this tragedy, our hearts go out to you. It is a real tragedy, we understand what you feel because France was also strinck by terrorist attack.

Lycée Jean-Moulin 08500 Revin
Alexandra Minucci, Mélinda De Oliveira

Hello we are sorry to hear that Manchester was struck by a terroriste attack, we think of you and we share your sadness